How Social Media Is Finding Passive Buyers

The use of Social Media has been designed to extend your internet presence far beyond traditional marketing.



The rapid development of technology and the dominance of websites has changed the way we communicate thus making the online environment a key medium to reach potential buyers. The use of Social Media has been designed to extend your internet presence far beyond traditional marketing. A surprising percentage of sales (up to 25%) are made to people who aren’t actively looking for property and social media marketing is the perfect way to ensure your property is seen by more people online.






Social Media allows you to reach potential buyers, investors and renters on social media where they spend most of their time. You have the ability to specifically target the types of people who would be interested in your property. Including there location, demographic, occupation and their interests. We also have the ability to remarket to prospective buyers who have viewed your property or recent similar properties.



We have found the largest benefit from utilising social media in the sale of a property is the ability to reach not only active buyers who are interested in a property like yours and actively looking right now but passive buyers, those who are interested in properties like yours but not actively looking.


An example is Cynthia Sajkunovic, a top agent at OC, was selling a builder’s own home in Trinity Gardens, a magnificent residence. And interestingly enough, the end purchaser’s friend was on Facebook, saw it on their feed, commented the name of their friend who they thought might be interested on the ad. Next thing you know that person looked through the home and ended up buying it.


“They weren’t looking in Trinity Gardens, and in fact they weren’t actively even in the market. But when they found the right property that suited them and ticked all the boxes, they became in the market.”

– Alex Ouwens



If you are to only use traditional mediums like when advertising your property, the buyer is already in real estate mode and needs to be actively looking on these sources. They will have a select criteria in mind for the property they want and will be filtering their search results to reflect these preferences. If your property does not exactly meet these criteria’s, it will not be shown.

The cost of adverting your property through social media is significantly cheaper than traditional methods such as print media, whilst allowing your property to reach far more potential buyers. Using social media also allows you to achieve a more personal message being conveyed to potential buyers.  With the continued  increase in the use of digital media, we believe that the use of a social media campaign in your marketing package will assist in achieving your property goals.


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Alex Ouwens and Nathan Casserly have a genuine passion for real estate and love to help people achieve their goals and dreams through property. Find out more about OC  here.

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