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Ouwens Casserly Projects aims to maximise opportunities to drive sales by creating a dynamic and personalised customer journey that optimises conversions at each stage, from initial expression of interest to deposit.

Innovative Strategies

We specialise in innovative project marketing strategies and we offer a holistic in-house service including branding and graphic design. We intend to create a unique identity for each project making a significant market presence for your development.

Maximise Your Marketing Spend

The modern world requires digital experts to maximise your marketing investment. So invest where it counts. Powered by Facebook and Google, we drive more leads to your sales funnel, for less cost per lead with better conversion rates.

Recently awarded gold for Project Marketing Developments by the Real Estate Institute of South Australia, Ouwens Casserly Projects will work with you to ensure your project is a success.

Experienced Team

Ouwens Casserly Projects works hand in hand with our extensive and experienced residential sales agency and property management team to provide you and project buyers with property solutions at each stage.

Broad Networks

We also offer a unique financing solution for buyers, partnering with an experienced mortgage broking team working exclusively for your development at no cost to developers. Take advantage of our networks to give your project the best opportunity for success.

Digital Marketing

In this digital age, buyers commence their property journey online. The information out there is endless and buyers are well-informed before their initial enquiry. Our Digital Marketing Advantage puts your project in front of the buyers, meeting them at all stages along their purchasing journey.

The Buyer Journey

With project evaluation beginning online, our belief is to meet the buyer at the source, so when it comes to project real estate marketing we’re ahead of the opposition.

The importance of quality photography and videography is high, but your development is further brought to life by inspiring content, detailed and targeted to buyers, at the right time for their stage in the buyer journey.

Engaging Content

We build engaging content that creates the story for your project and builds the online trust for your prospects. Through the use of digital nurturing and personalised marketing, we bring the most qualified buyers right to your door. Our sales experience is unparalleled, and combined with the technology of today, we procure deals successfully and consistently.

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